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Are you on a limited budget or simply want to get a better deal?  We have an answer for you, try the D.I.Y. Photo Booth option!

The Do It Yourself Photo Booth is exactly what it sounds like. We will let you rent our Photo Booth at a ridiculously low price and you get to use it the WHOLE NIGHT! 

How it works:

  1. We drop the Photo Booth off at your event location or at a designated place, prior to the event.

  2. You follow the included instructions to set up / tear down the Photo Booth. 

  3. You or someone at your event attends the Photo Booth. Replacing photos and ink as needed and keeping the Booth safe!

  4. We pick the Photo Booth back up on the next day of business.

D.I.Y Photo Booth Includes​

  • Fully Functioning Stand Alone Photo Booth

  • Printer with supplies for up to 400 prints (200 pictures duplicated)

    • Additional 200 prints at $50.00​

Chat or contact us now for more information!


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